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Individual Counseling

Many people choose individual counseling to work on their personal goals. We will work with you to set appropriate goals for treatment and a treatment plan.  We are compassionate, skilled practitioners who provide support as you make the journey towards balance and health. We specialize in treating  anxiety,  depression,  low self-esteem,  anger management,  codependency,  effective parenting skills,  conflict resolution,  work/life balance,  addictions,  grief and loss , substance abuse,  child and student issues,  career planning,  marriage and family improvement,  divorce/separation,  trauma, and  infidelity. P lease contact us to schedule your individual session today.


Career Counseling

We provide consultation, evaluation, testing and guidance to help you make the important decision of a career choice or change. A well informed decision is based on information gathered about your skills, interests, personality, communication style and sense of calling.  We also offer college and career planning services for high school students and college students to select appropriate educational programs, choose a major and career path, and launch their first career.  Please contact us to schedule a career session today.


Couples and Family Counseling

Family therapy involves two or more members of a family system. Participants in family counseling can be a couple, parents and children, stepparents and step siblings, grandparents, aunt/uncles, non-related caregivers and children. Family dynamics and relationships can be complicated.   At Better Days, we believe that a happy and fulfilling relationship is possible. We help give you the tools and insight needed to better your communication and conflict resolution skills with your partner., spouse, and/or family member.   Therefore, each individual can then feel heard, valued and desired. 

You will begin with a desire to find the root of your issues as a family or as a couple. The next step is to listen to your partner or family members and explore new ideas and integrate them into your relationships.  Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for families and couples, so that they can become motivated and empowered to take action and make real changes in the relationship. 

We are experienced in treating blended families, adoption, divorce/co-parenting, parenting struggles, children with behavioral difficulties at school, etc.  Please contact us to schedule a couple or family session today.


Group Counseling

At Better Days, group counseling is provided in a safe and supportive environment for three or more individuals wanting to process life situations and gain the skills necessary to effectively cope.   Therapy groups meet between one to two hours each week. Some people choose to attend individual therapy in addition to groups, while others may participate in groups only.

We offer support groups that address specific problems, such as depression, weight loss, anxiety as well as groups that focus more on general topics such as improving social skills, conflict resolution, communication skills, cognitive distortions, or low self-esteem.   Group therapy can help you feel less alone, develop new coping skills, and empower you to meet your goals. Joining a group may seem frightening at first, but it is generally and ultimately a rewarding experience.  Please contact us about group sessions today. 


Online/Telehealth Counseling Services

In the time of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic social distancing and heightened anxiety, online/telehealth can be a comforting reprieve and a safe source of ongoing support.  Online Counseling, also known as teletherapy, is the newest, smartest way to access help when you are in need of a professional mental health clinician. You may also see online counseling referred to as telehealth or telemedicine. These terms simply refer to the broader scope of healthcare administered from a distance.  

Although we offer standard, in-person sessions with trained and qualified professionals in the Greater Houston area, we provide the same level of quality and specialized expertise with our online clients. Whether you are looking for help dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, eating disorders, trauma, child, parenting /family concerns, career issues, or if you just need some additional support in your life, online therapy through telehealth can help. If you reside in the Houston area, you always have the option of scheduling a face-to-face session as well. Please contact us and schedule your online telehealth session today.


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